At UNSC, Pakistan failed to internationalize the Kashmir issue

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India remained unfazed and navigated moves by Pakistan to internationalise the Kashmir issue. India continued to maintain that the constitutional changes that were made in Jammu and Kashmir were internal to India.

The UN security council members rejected Pakistan’s demand for a formal meeting and also did not adopt an informal statement.

While Pakistani ambassador, Maleeha Lodhi tried to claim that it was a win for Pakistan, India said that both China and Pakistan tried to pass off national opinions as UNSC deliberations.

China, during the meeting had suggested that an informal outcome be announced. However, with no support from any of the members, except the UK, China, later on, said that the members had expressed serious concerns about the situation in J&K. This prompted Syed Akbaruddin, India’s permanent representative to declare that Pakistan and China had passed of national sentiments as the will of the international community. He went on to say that the national position was and remains that matters related to Article 370 of the Indian Constitution are entirely an internal matter of India.

India remains committed to ensure that the situation in J&K remains calm and peaceful. While Pakistan claimed that the issue had been internationalised, the fact of the matter is that the closed door meeting of the UNSC concluded without any formal votes, statement or resolution. Neither India nor Pakistan were present during the deliberations and no formal notes or minutes were taken.

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