Heart attack while shooting! – Comedian Krishnamurthy has passed away

Comedy and character actor Krishnamurthy, who became famous in Tamil cinema with a single verse in the film “Eskusemi, Saari for the Disturbance, This Address is a little tellin. He is 55 years old. He has a heartattack in a shootout at Vandiperiyar near Kumuli this morning.

Actor Krishnamurthy, who hails from Thiruvannamalai district, started his career in advertising as an assistant product manager. Vadivelu then joined the group and made small rolls and became a prominent comedian.

Many of the comedies he and actor Vadivel have made are very popular. Actor Vadivelu and Krishna Murthy are very close friends. Vadivelu had offered me a chance in the film Friends. For some reason, that opportunity was not available. Instead, Ramesh put Kannah’s name in the film as Krishna Murthy, ”Krishnamurthy said in a witty interview about his friendship with Vadivel.

Not only comedy, I have also been a good character actor in many films like God. Many of the verses in which he speaks in comedy scenes are still popular among Nittins. In the meantime, he had a heart attack at a shooting site near Kumuli, Kerala. He was immediately taken to a nearby private hospital.But he not survived on his way to the hospital.

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