Terrorist camps opposite Tangdhar, Keran sectors destroyed, says Army Chief

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Defence sources said four launch pads were targeted with 155mm heavy artillery guns.

There was definitive information of terrorists attempting infiltration from camps in Tanghdar and Keran sectors along the Line of Control (LoC), and so Indian Army took retaliatory action and destroyed these camps, Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat said on Sunday. The Army stated that Pakistan had resorted to unprovoked Cease Fire Violation (CFV) targeting civilians in which two soldiers and a civilian were killed.

Gen Rawat said that on Saturday evening an attempt was made in Tangdhar to infiltrate terrorists and Pakistan Army carried out firing on Indian posts at the same time in which two soldiers and a civilian were killed.

“But before they could attempt the infiltration it was decided that we target the terrorist camps across. We had definitive information. We had the coordinates of where these camps have emerged. In the retaliatory action that our forces had taken, we have caused severe damage to terrorist infrastructure across,” he told the media on the sidelines of a sports event. The terrorist camps across Tangdhar and Keran sectors have been destroyed, he stated.

The Army said that they hit terrorist launch pads and Pakistan Army positions with heavy artillery in retaliatory firing. “As a result calibrated escalation of area weapons was undertaken by the Indian side in which terrorist launch pads, Pakistan Army posts giving incidental protection to these launch pads and certain gun positions were hit,” an Army Spokesperson said.

This action was taken after Pakistan Army initiated unprovoked CFV to assist infiltration by terrorists into Indian territory, the Spokesperson stated. One civilian was killed and three others injured belonging to Ghundhishat village of Tangdhar district. The Spokesperson added that Indian Army “retains the right to respond at a time and place of it’s choosing” in case Pakistan Army continues to assist terrorist activities across Indian borders.

Defence sources said that four launch pads were targeted by the Army. “It was a direct assault at the same time using heavy artillery. At least six Pakistani soldiers were killed in the firing,” one source said adding each launch pad had over 15-20 terrorists waiting to infiltrate.

The launch pads were located South of Zura in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK) and sources confirmed that Indian Army had used 155mm heavy artillery guns. Wile small arms and heavy mortars are used during CFVs, heavy artillery has been intermittently used by both sides during escalations.

During the day, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh spoke to Gen Bipin Rawat and was appraised of the developments and the situation along the LoC.

Responding to Army’s statement, Pakistan accused India of resorting to unprovoked CFV targeting civilians.Pakistan’s Director General Inter-Services Public Relations (DG ISPR) said on Twitter that Indian unprovoked CFVs in Jura, shahkot and Nousehri Sectors deliberately targeted civilians. Stating that they effectively responded, DG ISPR claimed, “Nine Indian soldiers killed several injured. Two Indian bunkers destroyed. During exchange of fire one soldier and three civilians shaheed (martyred), two soldiers and five civilians injured.”

However, defence sources rejected any fatal casualties on the Indian Army while observing that if there was one casualty “we have to declare” as the system is so and there are procedures to follow. “We have no scope to hide causalities,” the source added.

According to information from the Army, there were 2317 CFVs by Pakistan along the LoC this year till October 10 and 147 terrorists were killed in different operations on the Line of Control and hinterland.

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