Tragedy near Trichy, 2-year-old child falls into deep well

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Firefighters and the Revenue Department are actively involved in the rescue of a 2-year-old child who fell into a deep well near Trichy. In Tamil Nadu recently, the incidence of children falling in the deep well was reduced. The shocking incident took place today in the village of Ndukkadupatti, near Manapparai in Trichy district.

There, a privately owned manhole well was closed above the utility.But due to rain the uper covered sand has ditched , the 2-year-old boy of a construction worker,Sujith Vincent has went that side.

Sujith fell unexpectedly into the deep well at around 6 pm this morning.Upon learning of this, the fire department and the revenue department rushed to the place.The well was found to be about 22 feet deep. Firefighters have taken steps to prevent the child from suffocating by sending oxygen inside the tube.

The medical rescue team has been sent to the scene immediately. An attempt is being made to dig the pit through the JCP on the side of the well.In order to keep the child out of fear, light is flowing into the well. Firefighters checked the camera into the deep well and found the baby sitting.

Firefighters have hoped the baby’s body will move, so the baby can be safely rescued.With the onset of darkness now, additional rescue personnel have rushed to the scene. Trichy District Collector Sivarasu has gone straight to the rescue team and issued orders. The incident has caused a stir in the surrounding area.

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