Combat Air Pollution : Dushyant Chautala

Haryana Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala on Saturday said the leaders should rise above politics and collectively take actions to combat air pollution in a sustainable manner so that the issue can be resolved permanently.

“It is an environmental issue. We should collectively take action, which has a long-term impact on combating air pollution and the matter can be resolved once and for all. We should rise above politics,” he said during a press conference.

Deputy Chief Minister Dushyant Chautala said that the Central government should lead the efforts in consultation with Haryana, UP, Delhi, Rajasthan, and Punjab.

“Stubble burning has decreased in Haryana. Data show that this year, there has been a fall in stubble burning by 34 per cent. Continuous efforts are being made to further decrease it,” he said.

Citing data from the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Dushyant Chautala rapped Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, saying that Punjab is mostly responsible for the air pollution due to stubble burning.

“According to NASA data, there is not much stubble burning on the border regions of Haryana. It is mostly from Punjab. And if the air pollution is making its way to Delhi, it cannot simply be stopped by sealing borders,” he said.

Dushyant Chautala also said that the fire incidents in the dump yards in the national capital also contribute to air pollution in the city. “Delhi government should also monitor that,” he said.

Dushyant Chautala,Air pollution,Delhi pollution,breaking clicks,breakingclicks,The air quality in the national capital has slumped to the ”hazardous category” with the pollution level hovering near 400 owing to stubble burning in the neighbouring states.

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