In Pillayarpatti: Thiruvalluvar statue dumped – leaders condemned

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Cow dung on a statue of Tiruvalluvar at Pillaiyarpatti near Thanjavur has erupted into controversy. Thiruvalluvar’s ear painted affair has taken its toll. Various political party leaders have strongly condemned the move. But the BJP says Thirukkural is a book written on the basis of a Hindu orthodoxy. BJP’s National Secretary Raja has been posting his Twitter posts to emphasize this

Similarly, the concept of Hindu deities is being cited in various quotations. It has become a hot topic of discussion on social networks. Related hashtags are also trending on social networks.

It is reported that mysterious persons have thrown cow dung on the Thiruvalluvar statue at Pillaiyarpatti near Thanjavur. Police are investigating the matter.

Civilians struggle

Pillaiyarpatti held a public protest condemning the incident. They also raised slogans urging the police to arrest anti-Tamil anti-social elements in the National Security Act.

Action needed

Commenting on this, General Secretary of the Tamil National Archives, Mr. P. Manirasan, Thiruvalluvar is common to humanity. Not against anyone. This act is highly condemned. He said police should take appropriate action against those who damaged his statue.

Leaders are condemned

Applying philosophies to people around the world; The leaders have said that the Tiruvalluvar statue is not condemned. Muthrasan of the Communist Party of India, Dravidian Liberation Corporation President Ravi Kumar, MP, Villupuram MP and General Secretary of the Liberation Panthers Party, and Balakrishnan, Secretary of State of the Marxist Party, have strongly condemned it.

Kanimozhi Condemned

DMK Women’s Team Secretary and Lok Sabha MP Kanimozhi posted on her Twitter page: Valluvar statue can be damaged. But one must understand the fools who did it. Thiruvalluvar is not just a statue. Valluvam is a living room. Valluvam will live even after the statue has disappeared. Thus said Kanimozhi.

Students struggle

Meanwhile, students staged a protest demanding action against those who insulted the Tiruvalluvar statue. Students of the Tamil University of Tanjore staged a protest today.

The opinion of Stalin

DMK leader MK Stalin said: “The statue of Periyar has been insulted. Thiruvalluvar has been painted a kavichi – as he has insulted his idol at Thanjavur and Pillaiyarpatti. Thus Stalin has stated.

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