How China is building a hospital for coronavirus

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In the face of mounting pressure to combat coronavirus which has claimed 170 lives so far and about 7,700 cases of a new viral respiratory illness have been confirmed, China is building two new hospitals in Wuhan as special emergency facilities.

The building of Wuhan Leishenshan Hospital and Wuhan Huoshenshan Hospital is an emergency measure taken by municipal authorities to resolve the insufficiency of the city’s medical resources.

The facility in the central city of Wuhan is expected to be in use by February 5 to serve a rising number of patients infected by a coronavirus in an effort to curb the spread.

Dozens of excavators and trucks were filmed working on the site. It will have a capacity of 1,300 beds spread over more than 3,22,917 square feet, the official said.

Construction began as reports surfaced of bed shortages in hospitals designated as dealing with the outbreak, which has now infected 7,700 people across China. Xinhua said the new facility is aimed at “alleviating the shortage of medical treatment resources and improving the ability to care for patients”.

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